What do you need to know?

You said it was simple... now tell us more.

  1. Know who you need to hire:
    Take the time to understand what kind of candidate you need to recruit.  With our Entrepreneur package you can do this yourself; with our Executive package we'll do it for you.
  2. Position your company as a professional and reputable employer:
    Candidates' number one priority is working for a reputable company, so make sure your company is portrayed professionally when you recruit. We take care of this by branding your adverts and putting together highly-professional application forms for your candidates to complete.  Our system can automatically inform candidates when their application has been received and of next steps. Keeping your candidates automatically updated cuts down on your time and keeps the professionalism high.
  3. Attract as many qualified applicants as possible:
    Recruitled automatically places your ads on the most viewed job boards: Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, Glassdoor.com and the Recruitled Job Board. If you need more exposure, or more specialized placement, then we have you covered there too.
  4. Ask the right questions up front so you really know your candidates:
    What are the two or three questions you ask all applicants?  Then why not get them to answer them when you get their resume?  Recruitled's application system can be pre-programmed for a dozen questions to assist with your recruitment.
  5. Screen your candidate pool and identify candidates quickly and efficiently:
    What happens if you get 100+ applicants?  Are you going to sort through all the resumes?  Come on... use the pre-defined questions to sort select candidates to get to the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.
  6. Conduct pre-screening telephone interviews, background checks & candidate assessments so there are no surprises:
    We can take care of your telephone interviews, background checks and a variety of assessments.  You know it's important, but don't do it because it's too time consuming or costs too much.  Recruitled offers these services for far less than it would cost you to do yourself and of course it won't take up any time of your time if we do it.

How much does Recruitled cost?

There are three solutions depending upon your requirements and budget. All three use our amazing candidate application process and selection tools and include basic level placement of the most viewed job boards.  The packages differences are based on how much of our time you need, and if you have a requirement for multiple job openings:
- Entrepreneur Recruitled - do-it-yourself solution for one job title $599
- Executive Recruitled - we do the work for you for one job title $2,999
- Corporate Recruitled - your banded online tools & unlimited job titles for one-year $12,999

If you would like to increase your job's exposure then we have a number of advertising packages available from $499 to $999.

How can I pay?

You can pay online.  Our fully secure online store accepts major credit cards.
If you prefer to deal with one of our outstanding customer service team members, then we can also help you over the phone.

How can I contact you?

Email, phone or snail mail:
(949) 478-5880
4590 MacArthur Blvd, Ste 500, Newport Beach, CA.  92660
Full contacts here.

Sorry, we don't believe in fax machines.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes... and no. 
Yes, we guarantee our service. We guarantee that you'll love our service. We guarantee you will be amazed by our system and that it'll revolutionize how little time you need to recruit.
That said, unfortunately, there are no guarantees in recruiting, so we can't guarantee you will find the right person for your open position.

What if I need to extend or re-open my position?

No problem.
Entrepreneur Recruitled: Your open job is active for 3-months. You can re-post your job board placement in that 3-months and you can extend for $99/month.
Executive Recruitled: Your open job is active for 3-months. You can re-post your job board placement in that 3-months and you can extend for $199/month.
Corporate Recruitled: Unlimited recruiting for 1-year, with the option to put your account on “Hiatus” for $299/month.

Thanks, but I still have questions...

No problem, pick up the phone or drop us an email. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. We don't bite - honest - give us a call.