Recruitled Interviewing and Background Check Services

Save yourself from terrible face-to-face interviews by doing phone screens first! We’ll coach you on how to conduct effective phone screens, or we can do them for you. 

Once you've identified candidates you’d like to bring in for interview, you can use our interviewing guidelines to help you prepare. 

Assessing Your Top Candidates
Always conduct background checks on your candidates before you finalize an employment offer. We've heard too many hiring horror stories that result from skipping this step!

Our standard background check package covers the basics – SSN verification, County Criminal Checks, and Reference Checks. At the minimum, we recommend all employers conduct these three checks on their top one or two candidates.

We also offer additional background check services including credit check, DMV reports, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Federal Criminal Background Check, State Criminal Background Check, County Civil Search and Sex Offender Registry.

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Additionally, to ensure your candidate is the perfect fit, we recommend our work behaviors, attitudes and skills assessments.

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